/In The Midst of It All - Inner Ear(th) SonicActs Biennial 2022


This walk and poetic performance was part of the Maritime Frictions event organised by FieldARTS and Sonic Acts. The excursion here encouraged listeners through poetic prompts to approach and encounter a closer intimacy to the natural surroundings of Ruigoord.  Paying close attention to the positions in which the participants stand inbetween the contrasting environments of nature and non-nature.

“Sonic Acts joined FieldARTS for Maritime Frictions – a special event with a fieldwork presentation from Harpo ’t Hart and Frank Bloem (Embassy of the North Sea), a listening walk with Lance Laoyan, talks by Fred Carter and Charmaine Chua, a performance lecture by Jacob Bolton and Miriam Matthiessen (Liquid Time), a screening of Michaela Büsse’s ‘Building with Nature’ (2022), a sound performance from Velma Spell and a DJ set by Nessim. Drawing together artistic and critical practices, the gathering presented a grounded and brackish encounter with logistical infrastructure, ongoing environmental injustice and dispossession.”

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All photographs taken by Pieter Kers


At Ruigoord, Netherlands May 2023

Environmental Sound Artist based in The Hague

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Lance G Laoyan
Environmental Sound Artist
based in The Hague

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