/Our Shared Acoustic World

Limited to our senses, it is difficult for us to comprehend what the world sounds like to a non-human animal. However, research illustrates some harsh realities that ecosystems endure under the pressures of sonic forces.

Our Shared Acoustic World a five-channel audio installation explores the ecological impacts of anthropogenic noise on vocal non-human animals. The study is situated in the Netherlands and pays particular attention to industrial and motorised infrastructures, in close proximity to animal habitats, that are notoriously loud and widespread.

Through a semi-fictional narrative I highlight the complications that surround the acoustic territories of machinery and nature; where different powers and meanings are entangled in the competition between being heard and being silenced.

Interview with Benjamin Earl below.

In Collaboration with:
Robert Pravda

Photographs by Marcin Limonowicz

Environmental Sound Artist based in The Hague

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Lance G Laoyan
Environmental Sound Artist
based in The Hague

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