/Transhumanist Rights

This work is part of Who Speaks? A Project that tackles major issues including politics as a rhetorical gesture, law as an act of speech and aesthetics as a language of imagination. It aims to bring together academic researchers, non-profit activists, and public services such as Bits of Freedom and the Analysis and Research Department (DAO) of the Dutch Parliament, for joint knowledge exchange and discussion on AI driven democracy, language and decision-making. DAO provides substantive support to parliamentary investigations and gives advice to the Dutch Members of Parliament on information relevant to the parliamentary process.

Who Speaks? is part of a series of initiatives organised by the Queer Computing Consortium (QCC), co-founded by Ramon Amaro, Sheena Calvert, Niels Schrader, in collaboration with the Non Linear Narrative Master’s programme of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, UCL (University College London) History of Art Department and Camberwell College of Arts (CCW / University of the Arts London).

Transhumanist Rights questions boundaries between humans and cyborgs, and whether constitutional rights could be assigned to cyborgs in the future. He presents fictional cases of medical and military body enhancements by means of brain computer interfaces (BCI) set in the year 2030. With his video work Laoyan challenges the definition of what constitutes a person and raises ethical questions about the development and implementation of artificial intelligence technologies.

The project was supervised by Lauren Alexander, Mijke van der Drift, Lizzie Malcolm, Dan Powers and Niels Schrader.


Online - https://whospeaks.eu/transhumanist-rights/
Web Application - https://whospeaks.eu/projects/transhumanist-rights/

Presented at:
The Hmm @ Responsible AI
25 May 2022, 20:00 CEST
Benno Premselahuis
Rhijnspoorplein 1
1091 GC Amsterdam


Photo Credit: The Hmm

Environmental Sound Artist based in The Hague

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Lance G Laoyan
Environmental Sound Artist
based in The Hague

+31 (6)26 404 650