Walking as a Research Method

Music Production

This first edition explores the research method of walking from a design perspective, and features the working process used by public space and landscape designers Krijn Christiaansen and Cathelijne Montens (KCCM) who teach field research in BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at KABK.

Design Lector Alice Twemlow went to visit the designers in their serene home-work space near Noordwijk, to learn more about how and why KCCM make research, and specifically walking as a method, central to their work.”

Watch a video of the interview below.

Credits for video interview:

Krijn Christiaansen and Cathelijne Montens
Tutors, KABK Interior Architecture & Furniture Design
in conversation with Alice Twemlow, KABK Design Lector

Art Direction: Niels Schrader
Director of Photography: Roel Backaert
Camera and Editing: Yannick van de Graaf
Music: Lance Laoyan
Script: Martijn de Heer